Meet Chris

True to the nature of all baritones, he sings more than he talks, so nobody really knows much about Chris Barthauer and most of what you hear is just unsubstantiated hearsay. Some say he graduated from Sing Sing, a music school up East, but that can only be confirmed by his wealth of musical knowledge and his ability to spell "piano". 

One thing is for sure, he got his musical ability from somewhere because he is the only member of the quartet that can arrange spots on paper and make them sound good while performing great feats of manual dexterity such as juggling three rubber balls in the air. 

He is distinguished from the other members of the quartet by the amount of hair on his head, as he has more hair than the other three guys combined. It is also established beyond any reasonable doubt that he joined the Barbershop Harmony Society long before he reached the official drinking age, thus making him the second in "barbershop seniority" based on the number of years as a member of the Society.

Chris would probably say he comes from humble origins, but his royal stature in the quartet may suggest otherwise. For example, on rare occasions, when seated at the dinner table, he can be heard requesting in a regal tone, "Bring me flesh and bring me wine"



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