Meet Alexander

Alexander, the “Russki bass”,  claims he is the only Russian in the Barbershop Harmony Society. And he is Russian, born in Stalingrad. He moved to US in 1997 to work for a US pharmaceutical company. Since his early twenties he was attached to US in one way or the other. He first came to US as a UN translator in 1972. Both of his sons were born in New York City and are US citizens by birth. He and his wife became US citizens in 2008.

Alexander started to sing at the very early age. His Mom liked to sing and he often carried the tune. He later sang solo at the family gatherings. He was one of the featured soloists of the high school choir that won several local competitions.

His road to barbershop harmony started December 31,1998. Before that night he had never even heard this strange word combination - "barbershop harmony". On the New Year's eve one of his friends in Kalamazoo brought him to a local barbershop chapter performance and the rest was history – he joined the chapter the first week in 1999 and he’s been hooked for life on barbershop harmony.

Alexander has spent much time and effort to foster Kalamazoo Chapter’s relations with the local art community. In 2002 his efforts to support the Broadway revival of "The Music Man" earned him the Outstanding Achievement Award by the Barbershop Harmony Society. Twice – in 2002 and in 2006 the Kalamazoo chapter awarded him with the title Barbershopper of the Year.

Since 2009 he sings with the Heralds of Harmony and lives in St. Petersburg, FL with his beautiful wife Tatiana, his high school sweetheart. He owns a chemical sourcing company that supplies fine chemicals from across the globe.

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