Some extra items of interest regarding champions:

First to double-gold medal Mo Rector
Quickest to do so

Al Rehkop, Glenn Van Tassell and Joe Connelly

First quartet to have all members double-gold medal Interstate Rivals
First quartet to win with all past gold medalists Crossroads
Furthest distant gold medal wins Tony De Rosa and Roger Ross
Longest time between gold medals Roger Ross
Oldest gold medal tenor Roger Ross (Keepsake)
Oldest gold medal lead Art Bielan (Misfits)
Oldest gold medal bari Rod Nixon (Yesteryear)
Oldest gold medal bass Ken Hawkinson (Most Happy Fellows)
Youngest gold medal tenor John Steinmetz (Four Teens)
Youngest gold medal lead Jim Chinnock (Four Teens)
Youngest gold medal bari Tony De Rosa (Keepsake)
Youngest gold medal bass Don Lamont (Four Teens)
Oldest champion Rod Nixon (59.7 years)
Youngest champion Tony De Rosa (19.6 years)